Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today, when I become a pioneer...

An Ex-Yugoslavia topic. When I was in first grade of a primary school, age 7, I have passed the Communist Pioneer oath. (Pioneer is a term denoting a kid from 7 to 14 year old in communist Yugoslavia). I still know the oath by heart ,and I remembered it when I got this ex-yu photo in some email-fun-stuff chain.SO this is how communist offspring was cultivated:

"Today when I become a pioneer,
I give my honest pioneer promise,
that I will diligently study and work
and be a good friend;
That I will love our people-run Socialist Federate Republic of Yugoslavia,
that I will cherish brotherhood and equality;
That I will admire all the people in the world
striving for freedom and peace "

I was wearing a red scarf, blue cap with red star...
How surreal those memories appear

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Free Internet in Belgrade City Centre

though you have to be standing.. I am now in the Telekom mobile operator shop, and just realized you have two laptops with internet for unlimited use (well as long as ur legs would persist) .. So the address is Terazije, mts shop, right across the First Serbian Bear Pub, McDonalds and Theater T ...

Day and Night in Theater - today in Belgrade

Nice "campaign" indeed, almost all Belgrade theaters are celebrating its Day (International Theater Day or something like that) by cool prices (each play 3 euros only) and a program full of theater plays from 11h in the morning till 00:00 tonight.

Ooo it was/is quite a jam... the best shows are of course sold out in the first five mins and the people are queuing as if they "are waiting for bread". I can't help but to participate this (snobbish ??) cultural event: got my self a ticket for a cult play A Flea in the Ear for afternoon, and based on a cult TV series The Boy That Promises at midnight.

:) pitty they are in Serbian, cause I honestly believe our theater and actors are excellent ..and also hillarious...