Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today, when I become a pioneer...

An Ex-Yugoslavia topic. When I was in first grade of a primary school, age 7, I have passed the Communist Pioneer oath. (Pioneer is a term denoting a kid from 7 to 14 year old in communist Yugoslavia). I still know the oath by heart ,and I remembered it when I got this ex-yu photo in some email-fun-stuff chain.SO this is how communist offspring was cultivated:

"Today when I become a pioneer,
I give my honest pioneer promise,
that I will diligently study and work
and be a good friend;
That I will love our people-run Socialist Federate Republic of Yugoslavia,
that I will cherish brotherhood and equality;
That I will admire all the people in the world
striving for freedom and peace "

I was wearing a red scarf, blue cap with red star...
How surreal those memories appear

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nicoh said...

Slavo, hehehehe just wondering your views now after all the travels, changes, .....etc