Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 3rd Science Festival Belgrade

Some were very happy to have me convinced them to join, some felt a crowd is a bit overwhelming and took a beer to calm the nerves :D(which is verbatim from Serbian "pivce za živce" beer-for-nerves, it rhymes :)).
I lobbied my friends to visit the Science Festival. I had four superb rationales: more than 20 scientific institutions will do funny and children-friendly experiments and simulations, across the street popular scientific lectures will be held by prestigious Serbian science names, thirdly, movies will be played and finally, and the most important, Lidočka, my best friend who is a genetic scientist will also participate, she can take one's DNA, split it apart, make it glow and other cool microbiological stuff. So I have had great great fun :) good for me hehe. I have learned that potato with iodine turns black, the blacker, the more starch (and nutritive value) it has, ripe apple with iodine will not change color,gas flame can dance with music, penguins take good care of their hygiene, they can't leave the nest cause of freeze, so they fire out their penguin poop with huge pressure, as far as it is possible. I saw some mixture that got in flame in contact with water. Math,physics, biology (uuuuf, scary snakes were VIPs there), genetics, just choose the topic and see a funny experiment or installation. All this happens in a very beautiful interior of the former clothes-mall called Cluz ( click on 360 degree view). Then you cross the street, enter SKC (student cultural center) and movies begin. A movie about stem cells, blood transfusion in emergencies, and other even cooler ;) topics.
Finally a journey through space and centuries followed ...(so special that earns the privilege of the next entry topic :))
And this is really not all, not even half of it :) pics may say more right here.
PS: Three day event had amazing 17000 visitors, from 5 to 95 years old, ticket was 3 euros or so.

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