Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hyvaa Finnish independence day!

Apart from organizing a set of festivities honoring Nicho's below mentioned bday :) Finland is today also celebrating its independence day! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivä !!! Unfortunately, I stayed in Finland just long enough to miss this day, so I am not sure what exactly is happening there today. Wikipedia says it is 92 years since Finns got rid off Russians. My precious book on Finland mentions that each year on today, the President hosts a grand reception "to which the leading figures in the country plus accredited diplomats and ordinary citizens who have distinguished themselves in some way are invited". Tarja Halonen was the first women to organize this party.
Slavac-International does however have some fresh reports from the "face of the place" (as we Serbs would literary say):
(M.T.A from Helsinki, 21:05h)I am watching a 5 hrs reception on TV the president received all ambassadors and important people. Jajajaja dunno maybe in the center there was some thing
(N.B.M from Tampere, 21:13h) In Tampere the city was full of people and fireworks. Next time I will carry a camera or buy a better fone :) hehehhe
(J.A.T from Turku, 21:56h) Not "party" time, but serious celebration time. Everyone puts a blue and white candle in the window, they rise their flags.

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