Friday, December 18, 2009

Quite some of a Friday in Belgrade

Friday, the 18th December, Belgrade, Serbia, do not miss! :)
1) The book night special event organized by book publishers, at 4 locations in the city, "stay awake with the book", book night, today, from 18h to 24h, quite some time for wondering through bookshops, nerdyyyy, yummy :) :) :) some special treats like vine and chocolate tasting and some VIPs to be seen included.
Epilogue: since the prices were 50% or more lowered, there were queues of people outside waiting..

2) Hell of a concert! Meet Balkand alternative band scene! My favorite newer band from Croatia, Lollobrigida!!!
----Here their video used to be but not any more, they don't deserve it ----
(the best alternative band in region according to MTV Adria), cute little jumpy songs, crazy lyrics and crazy girls :) "Foreplay" at the concert, Serbian band Petrol ... promising, very promising. Place: Dom omladine (The House for Youth), price 800 RSD = 9 euro.
Okey,okey,I admit, I made a mistake. It was hell of a concert my ass. Petrol sounded all but unique, boring,like every other alternative band on the scene. And they were late. And not only them, Lollobrigidas themselves were ooh-sooo-late,so I was there at 21h as an idiot, they started 22:40. Bah, I am done with them for good. Of course, not because they behaved like they are bloody RollingStones and put us wait long, but because of the show itself. Oooo it is a pure show biz, commercial so much that it hurts. Jumping around in some stupid silver wanna-be-original costumes, the lead vocal blabbering around, intentionally arrogant, bitchy, playing cool playing smart, s.t.u.p.i.d. And ok, like,they are Croats, and they are playing in Belgrade, no big deal. But she couldn't stop picking on Serbs, like: "Hi, Serbs, haven't played in Belgrade for 1,5 years, ooo , you have grown up, you are huge, look at you..." I mean, what's the point in mentioning "Serbs Serbs" in every second sentence? And the crowd was wanna-be-urban teenage "alternative" crowd, who really came there cause they like they silly image and stupid jumpy songs. Like those kids give a fuck for Serbs/Croats stuff. So Lollobrigidas darlings, you have ruined my evening, I was there for u at -10 degrees, frozen like a penguin. You won't be seeing me anymore.

3) This Friday and also Saturday Lira Vega, a really authentic Serbian alternative band, unique energy.
I've listened them before, so this is error-proof: it is going to be a great gig.

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