Sunday, December 6, 2009

System.out.println("Hello World!");

"You have promised us a blog, what happened to the blooooog?" - asks my friend Nicho for already three months. "Will do, will do Nicho, this very afternoon!"
I am proud to announce that there is no more beating around the bush- This_Very_Afternoon has been now irreversibly set to Sunday, December 6th, 2009 - Nicholas' BDAYYYYYY (Happy birthday dear dear friend!).
And like every serious endeavor does, "Slavac International Unlimited" is also having its mission, vision and goals. Allow an introduction.

Goals - to have rss feeds of all my friends from IMMIT, Finland, Netherlands, France and wider (aliens included) set up to this very blogaddress and checked out regularly. Even more crucial, to have my ass disciplined and update on regular basis (to make it tangible, minimum once a week).

- to provide real time insights on what is happening in the peculiar habitat called Balkans, more precisely Belgrade. The domains of interest: culture, hapennings, events, fun stuff, guides, everyday life tips, a diary on implications/complications of being settled here.

- to become globally popular destination for travelers and fans of Belgrade, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkans, where they find all the insider info they can't find on official travel websites. After becoming a global Internet success I plan to monetize and become rich and free! :D kekeke

Till soon,
urs Slavo
PS: the image in the corner is found here (we don't want to steal other people bits and bytes, do we)


Jevin K. Ramjattan said...

Awesomeness!!!! Finally! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, or at least the English-speaking blog-o-shpere! You really have nothing to do huh?! :P Looking forward to your always-interesting posts.

Jevin K. Ramjattan

nicoh said...

Thanks Slavooooooooooo for keeping the promise!!!!!!!!!!

biljak said...

Weeeeheeee :) Slavo's weekly updates from Belgrade, what else can an IMMITer want from virtual life?!? ;)

Great idea Slavooooooo, big kiss from your regular-reader-to-be
B :)

Slavica said...

Hihihi, nothing to do indeed :p
me happy hippo to see comments and friends followers weeee I have an urge to spaaaaaaam :) :)