Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday, 25th "(U)POZNAVANJE" - modern dance/physical theatre

Here in Belgrade students live in couple of student dormitories scattered around the city. The one I have spent my 5 years of studies is the biggest one - one and only "Studenjak" i.e. Student City. It is placed in the area of Belgrade built after the WWII , called New Belgrade, and it is a world of itself, with 5000 students residing, student restaurant, library, cinema, theater stage, festivals of AAE movie (author, alternative, engaged = AAE; copyrighted by Slavac), lectures, literary evenings... very rich cultural program, and amazingly enough FREE or almost free. I am still, years after, very attached to the Student city, and collect their monthly cultural guide every 1st in the month, and visit whenever I can, really. And these last three months I had the chance not just to consume, but to produce myself :) I am very happy to announce to you the public presentation of the modern dance/physical theater workshop, under the name of "(U)POZNAVANJE", best translated as: meeting each other.
It is a workshop led by Sanja Cvrkotic, a choreographer,a dancer, a dance teacher, with classical ballet education and the path of modern dance and theater choreography taken afterward (many awards, many plays, workshops participated). Being a part of that workshop is amazingly fun for me. It is about meeting with your own body, (im)balance, breathing, weight, anatomy, improvisation, contact-improvisation, relaxation. There is like 9-10 of us participants, different degrees of "body intelligence", different degrees of mind and/or body stiffness (mine would probably be the highest there heheh, just can't let myself loose no way). But then while playing and doing some funny exercises and "tasks" I believe we created quite some of a performance. So, don't miss this Friday, 20:30, Student City, Belgrade!
The pics are from the website of Student City, upper left: Jovana, Biljana,Jelica and Biljana in a midst of a "chair exercise". Picture below: Sanja.

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nicoh said...

Nice to know Slavoo. Guess you are now used to being home after 2 years away.